CEDB Hydropower IPO Result

chdc hydro ipo result

The result of CEDB Hydropower Development Company IPO has been released today.

A total of 234,195 applicants were allotted 10 units of shares via lottery. Beside this each lucky four applicants got 1 unit extra.  From the total of 1,685,627 valid applicants, 1,451,432 were returned empty hand.

The IPO had received applications for 24,645,735 units of shares from 1,685,627 valid applicants. The issue was oversubscribed by over 10.52 times acoording to the issue manager.

Also a total of 4,442 applicants were disqualified  who had applied for 61,372 units as per the issue manager.

With Sunrise Capital as official issue manager CEDB Hydro had issued IPO for 2,3,41,954 publicly at NRs 100 per unit of share.

The IPO was open from 17th Baisakh 2078 B.S. to closing early at 21st Baisakh 2078 B.S. Where as the IPO was scheduled to close lately on 31st Baisakh 2078 B.S.

The company already holds NRs 587.58 Millions as paid up capital. After the IPO allotment the company’s paid up capital will increase to NRs. 839.41 Million.

CEDB Hydropower IPO Result

Issuing Company CEDB Hydropower Development Company
Issue Manager Sunrise Capital
Total Number of Applicants 1,736,700
Total Alloted 234,195
Not Alloted 1,451,432

How to check CEDB Hydropower IPO Result:

After the result of Singati Hydro Energy Limited IPO has relesed today now you can check your IPO Result status by contacting your financial institution. In addition to that you can also check IPO resut of CEDB Hydropower by visiting iporesult.cdsc.com.np, sunrisecapital.com.np, meroshare.cdsc.com.np and chdc.com.np . More details on how to check your IPO result can be found in this post. Also you can directly navigate to meroshare online portal to check your IPO allotment status or contact your financial institution for your result.


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