ANSO Scholarship China 2023/24 | Absolutely Funded

ANSO Scholarship China 2023/24

ANSO Scholarship China 2023/24 | Fully Funded

The Call for the ANSO Scholarship China for 2023/24 is now open. The ANSO is the Chinese Prestigious Fully Funded Scholarship Program. It will cover Airfare Tickets as well. The ANSO Scholarship is a Masters and PhD Scholarships in China. This Scholarship will be Granted to Two Chinese Universities. 1) University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2) University of Science and Technology of China. One more thing for 2023 the ANSO will Award 200 Master Scholarships and 300 Ph.D. Scholarships. So, the total number of ANSO Scholarships for 2023 is 500. It’s a Good number and more chances. International students started flying back to China. You can apply without IELTS for ANSO Scholarship.

The Embassy of China and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are now facilitating Students with Chinese Study Visas. Applicants from all around the world can apply for the ANSO Chinese Scholarships. The Scholarship is available to all academic Fields and majors to Study. The Duration of the ANSO Master Scholarship is up to 36 Months for Masters and for PhD Programs up to 48 Months. The complete details, application link, and requirements about the ANSO Scholarship for 2023 are available below.

Details About ANSO Scholarship China 2023/24

  • CountryChina
  • No. of Scholarships: 500 (200 Masters, 300 PhD)
  • Universities: UCAS, USTC
  • Duration36 Months and 48 Months
  • Deadline: 15th February 2023

Financial Coverage

The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents is a Fully Funded Scholarship in China for International Students. It will cover all the Expenses such as:

  • Full Tuition Waiver
  • Health Insurance
  • Application Fee Waiver
  • Visa Fee
  • Travel Subsidy from their Home Countries to China (One Trip Per Person)

Available Programs Offered by ANSO

USTC and UCAS or CAS have a wide range of discipline programs for Masters and Ph.D. Degrees. The lists of offered Programs are given below for both universities.

USTC: There are 20 faculties, 31 departments, graduate schools, Suzhou Institute, Shanghai Institute, Beijing Institute, Institute of Advanced Technology, and the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC. USTC is responsible for the enrollment and management of the master’s and doctoral candidates of the ANSO Scholarship Program admitted by USTC.

  • Read more about USTC:

UCAS: UCAS has over 50,000 ongoing students, and more than half of them are doctoral students. UCAS ranked No. 1 in China and No. 39 worldwide. UCAS is responsible for the enrollment and management of the masters and doctoral candidates of the ANSO Scholarship Program admitted by UCAS.

  • Read more about UCAS:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible applicants should NOT hold Chinese citizenship.
  • Eligible applicants should be proficient in English or Chinese
  • For Master’s program applicants: you should be born after 1st January 1993 (inclusive)
  • For PhD program applicants: you should be born after 1st January 1988 (inclusive)
  • Please Note: You are NOT allowed to apply for the ANSO Scholarship in both USTC and UCAS simultaneously, otherwise you will be disqualified from admission.


The last date to apply for the ANSO Scholarship China 2023/24 is 15th February 2023. Late applicants will not be accepted in any case.

How to Apply for the ANSO Scholarship (Application Process)

The application process is online. Please follow the Procedure below.

1) Application MaterialsFor USTC applicants, please refer to the Application Guideline for Graduate Applicants to USTC (here)

For UCAS applicants, please refer to the Call for 2022 Doctoral Programs for International Students and the Call for 2022 Master’s Programs for International Students (here)

2) Application Portal: File and submit your application in the USTC/UCAS admission system as requested before the deadline.

  • When applying:
    • Firstly choose “the ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents” in your application.
    • Secondly, if you want to be considered a potential candidate for the ANSO-CAS-TWAS/UNESCO PhD Scholarship, check the box as instructed in the application system.
    • To USTC admission system portal: here
    • To UCAS admission system portal: here


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